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Film / TV


Microscopes have got to be the ultimate camera lenses.  At Dowrick's Scientific Services our vast selection of microscopes can be used to capture a variety of film, video, and still images.​  It really doesn't matter what your needs are, food, agriculture, pollution, etc.  We are specialists at all aspects of sample preparation for microscopy, and microscopic image capture for the film industry.

Results can be scientifically accurate, more artistic in nature, or a combination of both.  Our lights are all colour balanced LED sources (heat-less).  These combined with the very latest Zeiss macro-lenses, perspective correcting lenses, and a range of Olympus and Leica microscopes, gives the best available resolution at any magnification. Timelapse microscopy is also not a problem.

We understand that filming schedules are often tight and will happily provide a 24 hour service.


A mobile photo-lab facility is also at your call for those jobs that need to be done on location.

Use our cameras / recorders or attach your own kit to our equipment.

For full details of the kit we offer to your industry please see the relevant services section for micro-videography.

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Facebook Live Streaming

Do you need to guide the image capture but can't get here?  We are able to offer a live streaming service so that you can see what is being captured as it is being shot.  A member of our staff will be online with you during the photo shoot so that you can make changes.

This service does rely on good internet connections / speeds, and is a timed service rather than a one-off fee.

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