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It is almost impossible to give an online price indication.  The very simplest of jobs can be booked-in on our "Your Needs" page and have a very clear price indication.  We quote our microscope consultants very competetivly.

Other jobs must be priced individually, and are affected by so many variables.  For example.

How many images / films are to be captured - bulk is cheaper.

Size of the data required - 4K UKD films take a lot longer to process than lower resolution equivalents.

Are any special chemicals required.  Such as task specific stains with low shelf lives.

Is any sample processing required - sectioning, staining, etc.

Are any statistics involved - as in sperm analysis.

Is any image stacking to be done.

Is it a creative capture needing effect lighting etc.

Is any additional kit required - bespoke camera / microscope interfaces.


We will, however, give you the very best value for money.

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