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Museum services


Dowrick's Scientific Services possesses a very wide range of macro- and micro-photographic facilities, as well as the skills of our microscopy consultants to offer the museum sector. 

Our lights are all colour balanced LED sources (heat-less).  Combined with the very latest Zeiss macro lenses, perspective correcting lenses, and range of Olympus and Leica microscopes, we can examine and document your artefacts in a a non-invasive way.

Brightness, resolution, and scientific / artistic accuracy are major considerations in our work and the representation of your pieces.

We can help you select the best option for your needs, and bring our mobile photo-lab to your site. Or, using new internet technology you can watch whilst we take your photos - no need for reshoots because the area of interest is just out of frame.

It doesn't matter whether your sample is Biological, Scientific, Engineering, Industrial, or Cultural, we will be able to help you.

The price will of course vary depending on the level of equipment, set-up, and processing time for each sample.  We are, however, happy to consider bulk shoots and price accordingly.

facebook live.jpg
Facebook Live Streaming

Do you need to guide the image capture but can't get here?  We are able to offer a live streaming service so that you can see what is being captured as it is being shot.  A member of our staff will be online with you during the photo shoot so that you can make changes.

This service does rely on good internet connections / speeds, and is a timed service rather than a one-off fee.

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