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Dowrick's Scientific Services specialise in providing the scientific, legal, engineering, and film industries with high quality photos, films, and data obtained using a variety of microscopical techniques.

For the occassional customer we can provide photographic evidence, and species identification for all Biological / medical needs, and will even send you a pre-paid envelope to send your sample to us.

Need someone to stand up in court and fight your corner?  Count us in.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah is our in-house specialist in fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry.  A graduate of Aston University in Birmingham, Sarah's MSc looked at the ability of fluorescent techniques to validate the oxidative status of the cell membrane using the fluorescent probe parinaric acid.

Favourite food: Ice cream at Southwold pier.

Reubin Cummins

Reubin graduated from King's College London with a 2:1 in Biological Sciences.  Reubin is a microscopist that specialises in image manipulation and quality using the very latest image stacking, timelapse, and digital enhancement techniques.  Reubin is also our in-house videographer and is second to none at time-lapse microscopy.

Favourite food:  Indian, but not too spicy.  Flavour is the thing.

Dr Paul Dowrick
Two photos from 1983 taken with a
Russian Zenith camera attached
to a Russian Biolam microscope

Paul is the powerhouse behind DSS and has been working with microscopes for a very long time.  His interest in microscopy started way before entering university, and even in those times he was adapting trinocular optical microscopes to take auto-fluorescent, dark field, and polarising photo-micrographs.

Paul got a first class honours degree from Plymouth Polytechnic (as it it was back in 1988), and went on to do a PhD at UEA in Norwich using fluorescent microscopy techniques to examine the immunostained cytoskeleton of epithial cells that were induced into a metastatic state using Hepatocyte Growth Factor.

Favourite food:  I love making exotic breads, and cooking Persian style food.

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