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We at Dowrick's Scientific Services are fully committed to the protection of our environment.  Any microscopy consultant working on your behalf will do their best to adhere to the following policies -

  1. We will always use reusable laboratory glassware when available.

  2. Lab plastic use will be kept to an absolute minimum.

  3. All plastics will be ethically source and recyclable - as far as this is possible.

  4. Invoices will only ever be sent electronically.

  5. Images and videos will be uploaded to our secure Dropbox for download by the customer.

  6. No animals will be harmed or killed to facilitate image capture.

  7. Printouts will be kept to an absolute minimum within the company and monochrome as far as is possible.

  8. Meetings will preferentially be conducted over the internet.

  9. Travel will be done using the most environmentally friendly means if practicable.  This usually means trains for longer journeys.

  10. Air travel time will be kept to a minimum.

  11. We will constantly monitor our in-house procedures to ensure that Dowrick's Scientific Services has the least impact it can on climate change, pesticide use, and biodiversity.

We would like to be a part of the solution, not a contributor to the problem.

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