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Scientific Sound Recording

Do you need a decibel report, frequency analysis, sound recording of faulty equipment, bird song, a sound recording cleaning up or enhancing, or just a written report on a recording you have made.  At Dowrick's Scientific Services we are not just microscopy consultants, but are happy to offer a range of audio services, and have a large collection of equipment to aid audio capture and analysis.

tascam h5.jpg
Field Recorders

A variety of digital field recorders are available, such as the Tascam Zoom H5. 

A four-track simultaneous recording unit recording in broadcast wave format (bwf) with compatible time stamp and track markers.

Field Microphones

A good selection of microphones well suited to almost all scientific and industrial needs are available, such as the Telinga Pro X Parabolic microphone system - a very directional system that picks up even very quiet sounds over long distances.  Other mics and transducers are also available for a variety of industrial uses.

Recording studio

Central to our scientific recording studio is the Allen and Heath QU32 32 channel digital mixing desk.  This is coupled with an Apple Mac digital software system (Abelton Live) allowing simultaneous capture of 32 live channels.  A selection of Studio Monitors allow excellent control of the recorded playback.

Software Analysis / Enhancement

A suite of audio analysis programs such as Raven (from Cornell University) enable a good spectral analysis and visualisation of recorded data.  In combination with these programs we are able to clean up data by removing unwanted frequencies allowing for clearer interpretation of your data.

Both hardware and software make frequency shifting in both the lab and field a simple problem to solve.

facebook live.jpg
Facebook Live Streaming

Do you need to listen as we work but can't get to our labs?  We are able to offer a live streaming service so that you can hear our work as it progresses.  A member of our staff will be online with you during the studio session so that you can make changes.

This service does rely on good internet connections / speeds, and is a timed service rather than a one-off fee.

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