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Expert Witness

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An expert witness, in England and Wales, is a person whose opinion by virtue of education, training, certification, skills or experience, is accepted by the judge as an expert.


Evidence sample preparation for legal use is one of our specialities.  

We can prepare videos / photos to assist your legal case.  Large Foamex mounted prints are easily available from Dowrick's Scientific Services that will clarify complicated scientific points to both Juries and Judges.

Dr Paul Dowrick is also an experienced expert witness and will happily testify on your behalf.

Whether your needs be species identification, particle sizing, accurate micro-measurements, or a video of a bed-bug infested bed, we are happy to satisfy your needs with clear accurate data.

Use our facilities and services to assist your own expert witness, or we can testify on your behalf.

Dr Paul Dowrick is a member of the following organisations

# Microscopy Consultant  # Micro Photographer # Macro Photographer

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