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Food Industry


It really doesn't matter what your area of food preparation is, vineyards, brewing, dairy, ready meals, etc.  We can provide you with a variety of services that document your processes,  mechanical failures, contamination, complaints, etc.  

Our systems can provide you with accurate scientific records suitable for any use such as litigation, mitigation, or simply archival.  Particle sizing and written reports are also available.

Scientifically accurate photos taken by third parties such as us provide an excellent independent record that we will happily verify.

Our labs will process your samples in a fast efficient way, and can provide useful data for later needs.

A mobile photo-lab facility is also at your service for those "Corporate Sensitive" jobs.  Discretion and respect for your company processes is paramount to our company reputation.  Samples will be returned, and electronic data destroyed on request.

# Microscopy Consultant  # Micro Photographer # Macro Photographer


Food spoilage?  Food adulteration? Entomological contamination? Mechanical contamination? Dowrick's Scientific Services possesses a very wide range of macro- and micro-photographic facilities to offer the food sector. 

Our lights are all colour balanced LED sources (heat-less).  These combined with the very latest Leica macro-lenses, perspective correcting lenses, and range of Olympus and Leica microscopes, means we can examine and record your macro- and microscopic needs as either photos or videos.

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Facebook Live Streaming

Do you need to guide the image capture but can't get here?  We are able to offer a live streaming service so that you can see what is being captured as it is being shot.  A member of our staff will be online with you during the photo shoot so that you can make changes.

This service does rely on good internet connections / speeds, and is a timed service rather than a one-off fee.

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